Inner Space provides meditation, relaxation and empowerment classes for children and parents.


Chill Skills. Relax Kids & Parent & child.

Autumn term classes to be announced soon.


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Inner Space classes can help support your child by teaching them many different meditation techniques and exercises to de stress and relax. 

Classes include Relaxation Exercises, Stretching, Massage, Breathing Exercises, Positive thinking,

Creative Meditation, Visualisations, Mindful exercises and meditations.

For more information about class date, times & prices please go the bookings page.


health festival sept 18

Healthy Living Festival 14th -17th Sept

Radisson Blu Hotel.
FREE Entry to the festival

Inner Space will be running 3 x 45 min taster sessions over the Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. Children can attend alone, Parents can attend with their children. £3.00 per person.

Pre Booking is advised as people will be attending on the day in a drop in capacity so pre booking will secure you/your child’s places in the class.

Sessions include meditation and relaxation techniques including gentle stretching and Tai chi exercises, imagination and mindfulness based exercises, mindset and affirmations, breathing exercises, and meditations including full body, mindfulness and visualisation.

Please go to the BOOK NOW page to book your spaces. I look forward to meeting you at the festival. I will be around to discuss the sessions and the services I provide – Justine

More information on the festival, the different stands and workshops can be found on their Facebook page HERE

Does your child Need some Inner Space? 

Would your child like to learn how to calm themselves down and relax? Maybe they are experiencing some challenging situations and emotions that are having an effect of the their moods, creating anxiety or frustration and disturbing their inner happiness. Or maybe they have seen you doing your yoga or meditation and would like to do the same with other children in a fun creative environment.


Life can be busy. It affects us all in different ways. 

Studies are indicating that the pressure of our fast-paced, demanding modern world and excessive use of technology can have a damaging effect on our children’s well-being and development.

Consequences include sleep issues, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, low confidence, negativity and poor self-esteem. More children are showing signs of distress through different behaviours and parents are unsure how to help them.


Inner Space provides meditation and relaxation classes for children aged 6-18+ yrs, helping them to find space in our busy world.

Designed to reach the shyest to the most expressive child, classes help children become aware of their own energy range; from high-energy expression to peaceful calmness.

Children learn a wide variety of valuable exercises and techniques that help them understand their different emotions, including uncertainty, anxiety, stress and worry. Helping them to feel more peaceful, calm, relaxed and in-control. Increasing their self-worth, confidence, concentration and focus.


These are tools for life that they will be able to use again and again, learning how to make their emotional and mental health a priority by looking after themselves from the inside out.


Check out the variety of different classes and feel free to use the contact page to ask any questions or to discuss your child’s needs. 


Meditation has many benefits including helping children to :-

Reduce and manage stress and anxiety
Self-sooth, relax and be comfortable with alone time.
Express themselves confidently.
Focus and Concentrate better.
Build confidence and self-esteem.
Sleep better.

Giving children a better understanding of themselves and their feelings.

Inner Space classes use a combination of exercises and techniques to engage and inspire children’s imaginations.Visit the class pages for information on class content.


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It is exciting to be able to bring these life skills to your children to help them to be more confident, secure and help them to communicate their emotions and feelings clearly and effectively.


Please feel free to contact via email or on Facebook if you have any questions or would like any advice on issues you may be experiencing with your child or how to bring meditation & mindfulness into your families life. Justine x.