Inner Space provides a safe and nurturing space for your children to learn practical tools that help them to relax and de-stress.

Created in response to the growing number of children who suffer from daily stresses including sleep issues, low self-esteem and anxiety, as well as from my own personal experience of dealing with low-confidence and anxiety during my life.

I believe that children benefit most if they have strong emotional health and confidence from an early age. These foundations will help them grow up with a positive mindset and a good understanding of their emotions and how to communicate their emotional needs. Children are born with an innate ability to be creative and express themselves in the present moment.

It is my wish to support, nurture and cultivate these abilities so that children feel empowered to manage themselves emotionally and creatively, and take this wisdom into adulthood.

Inner Space classes are designed to be fun, imaginative and practical so children can really engage and enjoy learning how to meditate in order to feel and see the benefits working in their lives.
These relaxing, imaginative classes help children to calm themselves and find that space between an emotion and a reaction, helping to give them a choice in how they want to behave and communicate their feelings.



Inner Space provides group classes:-

Relax Kids, Chill Skills Parent & Child classes, Nature meditations & Mindful art classes.

1-2-1 Classes  are held in the student home.

Inner Space classes teach relaxation, mindfulness and meditation skills to children aged between 6-15 yrs old.

These techniques help children to learn how to relax, be calm, confident and self-assured. Using a combination of tools including positive thinking, exciting games, exercises, stretches and breathing techniques children develop their confidence, build self esteem and learn how to think about themselves and others in a positive way.

The classes are for all children, the confident ones, the less-confident ones, the sensitive ones who get easily worried and stressed and the anxious ones. It’s for the poor sleepers and the daydreamers.

Helping children to be effective communicators, to feel good about them-selves, become more positive, optimistic and relaxed.

Mindfulness exercises run through all the classes and each week children go on different guided meditations to help them to relax their bodies and minds. Children and parents are encouraged with extra resources to continue practicing the exercises at home to help the children use the exercises as apart of their lives not just at class at the weekends.

My approach is fun, a bit quirky, accepting, positive and nurturing. I utilise discussion and questioning so children can find new ways of looking at things. I support and encourage children to be all that they can be and more.

Inner Space Classes.

Classes and workshops include:-

A 6 week course of classes:-

    • Relax Kids Class Ages 6-9 yrs
    • Chill Skills Class Ages 9-12 yrs
    • Mindful Masters Ages 10-14 ( for previous Chill Skills students)
    • Mindfulness Meditation Classes
    • After school classes – Relax Kids & Chill Skills.
  • 1-2-1 sessions are geared for children’s specific needs and requirements. Duration 60 mins.
  • Family sessions & parent workshops in how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into everyday life.
  • Mindfulness & Relax kids workshops in schools, youth centers and festivals.
  • School programs teaching Mindfulness Meditation.

To find a class that suits you and your child go to Book Now.  This will tell you when and where classes have been timetabled along with prices and timings, you can follow a link to find out more information on each class.

Email enquireries@innerspace.co.uk for more info or to discuss your child needs in more detail


Inner Space is a natural culmination of my life experiences, training and my love of teaching.

I first discovered meditation at secondary school – a mindful eating exercise and was blown away at just how amazing that apple tasted! The best apple I had ever eaten in my life. This later inspired me to go on to explore other types of meditation and holistic therapy’s including massage, aromatherapy, reiki, colour therapy and many more. Learning to relax, meditate and believe in myself has informed many of my life choices and decisions.

My first experience of meditation at school was pivotal. I would like all children to have the same opportunity- to learn how to meditate when they are young.

I have developed Inner Space to be able to give all children this same opportunity.


. . . and a little bit More, just so you can get to know who is teaching your children

I grew up in Jersey, was schooled here and was a total daydreamer, tree climber and tom-boy. I loved reading and was bought up on Enid Blyton, Huckleberry Finn and Anne of Green Gables. I still think life is one big mysterious, exciting adventure with no boundaries!

I love making stuff out of fabric, have always got about 3 projects on the go, and teach textiles & art classes to children in the school holidays. I’m big on self-sufficiency and grow vegetables, raise chickens and make household products that save me heaps of money and are kinder on our environment and my family’s health.

I’ve lived in London, Wales, Holland, Australia and New Zealand and traveled through Thailand, India and Europe. Each time I came back to Jersey I fell in Love with it a bit more, I love where I live. But my itchy feet are waiting for the day when I can go on more adventures and explorations, this time with my family.

Food is a major inspiration to me and has helped me recover from various health conditions. I see the connection between food and mental, emotional and physical health as an essential one and absolutely Love having a bunch lovely friends around my table and cooking up a feast for them.

I studied, travelled and worked in floristry for 13 years. During this time I also studied massage, aromatherapy, colour therapy and Reiki, to Master Teacher Level. I was all about self-discovery. I did the self-improvement thing to death and realized it was more about self-acceptance. So I jacked it all in, sold everything and went traveling, I had an amazing time.

I came back to Jersey and met My Man, had our amazing children – twin girls – and embarked on a whole new journey of self-discovery and acceptance, including overcoming postnatal depression, and having the courage to re-discover myself again on the other side. For this I drew on my experiences in meditation and mindfulness.

My Children are my inspiration for bringing Inner Space to my wider community. They have been challenged by bullying and anxiety issues and have come through the other side stronger, capable and with great communication. School can be a challenging place, and my kids often comment that many of their friends could do with learning our breathing techniques or how to meditate.

I Love teaching and sharing my knowledge, I also enjoy learning and continue in my personal development and study of meditation, mindfulness and positive psychology so I can give more to the children who come to my classes.

If you have any questions about Inner Space classes and 1-2-1- sessions and how they can help your child please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your child’s specific needs.