Mindful Masters classes.

@ St Johns Recreation Centre. Ages 10-15 yrs.

Upcoming classes to be scheduled – please email to register your interest.

Mindful Masters is for children who have some experience in meditation or if they have taken part in the chill skills classes (with chill skills being a great introduction to meditation  and relaxation techniques if your child is new to meditation). 
This class is a free flowing meditation based class where they will explore different meditation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga and have fun with mindful challenges and games. Positive thinking and positive self talk will also be included in each class.
The classes are full of variety utilising journal work, making meditation tools and loads of practical exercises they can take into every day life. There will be no set discussion time as was in the chill skills classes unless the students direct me that way (some groups can be really talkative and love bouncing and exploring on a philosophical level so I want to leave this open to the group and go with their flow :) )
Each of individual week of the Chill skills course could potentially be a 6 week or longer course, so we will revist themes from the Chill Skills but in a very light hearted way. As ever the children will take what they need from each session.
Whilst I always have plans for the content of these classes it will be very much student led in order to support them where the feel they need assistance during these tween/teen years. For example they may have exams coming up so we will do visualisations and mindful exercises to help them stay calm and balanced. Maybe friendships may come up as an area of discomfort so we will explore that by looking at choices, self love, gratitude, and by exploring in a mindful way the different emotions and feelings non judgementally in order to move through rather than push aside.
We will have fun exploring different meditation techniques, working on building resilience, self esteem, communication skills, gratitude and a minful understanding of life, emotions and reactions whilst the meditations work their magic in helping to calm and reasure.
For more information on Chill Skills classes with Inner Space Jersey go to CHILL SKILLS.
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