Ages 7-9 yrs & 9-13 yrs


Nature Meditations -

Taking relaxation and meditation into nature we will have fun discovering nature in a new more sensitive, mindful way, using it’s soothing qualities to help us relax and meditate.

At different locations around our beautiful Island we will explore different mindfulness techniques, mindful breathing, walking, listening, looking as well as enjoying different relaxation techniques.

These are fun and relaxing classes learning about positive thinking, learning breathing exercises and how to use the breath as an anchor to self soothe. Children will also experience different visualisations, full body meditations as in the Relax Kids classes and Chill Skills classes and creative meditations, finishing with a mindful art exercise.




    RELAX in Nature. 

Experience the calming effects of nature @ Samares Manor in this children’s Relax Kids class.     Working with different types of mindfulness & meditation techniques children will learn to relax in, notice and  appreciate  nature in a new way.

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     CHILL in Nature. 

 Experience the relaxing effects of nature in this Chill Skills class for older children. Samares Manor is a beautiful setting to meditate. Children will experience different types of  relaxation exercises, meditations and mindfulness meditations to help them relax and recharge.

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