Would you like to join you child and learn different techniques and meditations to help you feel more relaxed, communicate better and feel more connected?


Would you like the space to take time out with your child in a meaningful way?

A fun and engaging group parent and child class to calm, relax and empower your connection with each other. Working on many different themes including compassion, communication and love we will use a variety of meditation and relaxation tools to calm and empower your child and increase your connection with your child.


Spending quality time with your child is so valuable, this class will give you time with your child in a very different and relaxing way.

The Inner Space ethos has always been about guiding children to find their own inner space, their inner calm and delivering practical techniques that can be used anywhere to help them find this place of calm and to re balance.

I send home exercises with each (child only) Relax Kids class to encourage parents to do the exercises with their children, however it can be hard to find time, and feedback has been that kids can be reluctant to do the exercises outside of class if it’s instigated by a parent! That is unless you have learnt it together. This seems to make a big difference for the child because neither of you is the teacher and you are replicating a shared experience.

Children do experience the benefits of doing a class without doing follow up exercises but I see the most progress with children who continue to do the exercises outside of class making it a way of life rather than something they just do at the weekend.

Bringing you, the parent into the class helps get the exercises home to the whole family, empowering you both to make changes as well as helping you to relax.

Having taught many private family classes and on occasion inviting parents into a Relax Kids class setting I’ve really enjoyed witnessing the transformation that can occur when a parent steps into a child’s world. It can be very empowering for a child to share this space with their parent and it’s lovely to see everyone relaxing together during the meditations.


Benefits of a joint class:-

  • You get some quality time with your child connecting and having fun doing a new activity.
  • Exercises in the class are designed to be done together, individually and in groups. Helping with connection, independence and also communication in group work.
  • You learn a massage script you can do on each other during the week.
  • Excitable, high energy children who may not be so suited for a Relax Kids class have you as an anchor to help bring them back to a calm place during the class.
  • Children are more open to doing the exercises at home. They also get to remind you when you need to employ some of the techniques as well as visa versa. Your a team helping each other to be calmer and more understanding.
  • Shy, nervous or anxious children feel more secure with you being present, helping to build their confidence and self esteem. They also get to experience these exercises, as they may not have the confidence to come to a Relax Kids class on their own.
  • You have a child friendly email to open every couple of weeks, providing you with reminders of exercises learnt and the occasional new exercise and related articles to read.
  • It’s fun! and you get to lie down and relax in the meditations. That’s got to be a good thing. Right!



A lovely benefit of sharing a class is that you can easily establish new routines and habits by taking the techniques and using them at home to help relax, calm and empower you all.


Watch the benefits of regular relaxation ripple out to the whole family.



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Parent & Child

Meditation & Relaxation classes.

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Classes include the following activities.

Drama based activities help develop the children’s self confidence through
expressive play and imagination based games. Interactive and fun these games
also help with social interaction, communication, focus and concentration.

SOOTHING peer massage
Self or clothed peer massage (on the back). Calming and relaxing, positive touch
boosts the immune system, calms the nervous system, helps the production of oxytocin and endorphins, and lowers
stress levels.

RELAXING stretches
Yoga inspired stretches help increase flexibility and movement in the body
whilst also calming and releasing physical tension. These exercises also have a direct effect on the emotions and children will be given examples when they can use the stretches to help themselves.

POSITIVE affirmations
Delivered through engaging games and group exercises, positive thinking and affirmations are powerful coping tools and help foster resilience. Learning to view themselves and life in a positive way is a great tool for life and thinking and
speaking positively releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel great,
increase happiness and optimism.

CALMING breathing exercises
Mindfulness based breathing exercises help to still and calm the mind. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system, balance the left and right side of the brain and aids in concentration and focus. Children learn how to use the different breathing techniques to calm and self regulate.

CREATIVE visualisations, mindfulness and meditations
Deep body relaxations, mindfulness meditations, guided imagery and visualisations help release physical and mental tension, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, increase emotional and body awareness and give children the tools to relieve stress and anxiety. Whilst at the same time expanding the child’s imagination and creativity. Done regularly, these exercises can help promote deeper sleep and a more relaxed attitude to daily challenges.



Relax Kids has been devised and developed by Marneta Viegas – the UK’s leading expert in children’s relaxation. Relax Kids offers a unique system of children’s relaxation and personal development that has been used by thousands of parents, teachers, play workers and therapists around the world, to great effect.
 Each Relax Kids coach brings their own unique skills and trainings to their classes.

Incorporating classes, books, cards and CDs, Relax Kids is a gentle and fun way of introducing children to the world of meditation and relaxation. These can be ordered through Inner Space by going to the BOOK NOW page.