Would you love your child to have better listening skills,

attention span, confidence and self- esteem?


Relax Kids uses relaxation techniques,visualisations and meditations to help children recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life.

These techniques provide a toolbox of skills that can be transferred into later life.

Regular relaxation will help your child’s concentration, learning and will help them to manage anxiety and worries.

In a Relax Kids Class

Your child will learn skills that they can use every day.

They will learn:-

  • Different tools and exercises to help them when they are experiencing different and difficult emotions, uncertainty, anxiety, stress and worry.
  • To recognise their emotions better and how to manage them in a positive and uplifting way.
  • How to develop their self confidence, self esteem and emotional resilience.
  • How to meditate and to use breathing techniques to self soothe.
  • How to relax and improve their sleep.

The classes introduce children to meditation and relaxation techniques in a fun engaging way whilst learning vital skills that will help them for years to come.

If children can learn to be calm under pressure at a young age,

then they stand in good stead for their adult life.

Relax Kids classes are for Children aged 6-9 Yrs.




    Saturdays – 5 weeks. 16th Sep –  21st Oct.

    1-2pm @St Johns Rec.

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Mindfulness in Jersey Festival.


1   Mindful Art Class

    Saturday 1st    July. 1-2pm @St Johns     Rec.  BOOK HERE

    Saturday 8th   July. 1-2pm @St Johns     Rec.  BOOK HERE

     Ages 6-9


    Mindful Art Class

    Saturday 8th   July. 10-12pm @St  Johns Rec.  BOOK HERE

    Ages 7-11




    Outdoor Relax Kids Class – Relax in Nature.

    Sat 12th July. 4-5.30pm@ Samares  Manor. BOOK HERE

    Ages 6-9

What happens in a relax kids class?

Relax Kids classes are for children aged between 6-9yrs old, run for 1 hour and are fun and expressive. Designed around each member of the class from the shyest to the most expressive the exercises take children from high energy to calmness, showing them the range of their energy, and how quick and easy it is to affect change.

Classes follow a different theme each week and include the following activities:


DYNAMIC warm-ups and exercises

A combination of warm up exercises, dance and movement help children to improve their co-ordination, develop body awareness.

These exercises boost energy to release endorphins, which improves the Immune system and calms the nervous system.



Drama based activities help develop self confidence through expressive play and imagination based games.

Interactive and fun these games also help with social interaction,   communication, focus and concentration.


RELAXING stretches

Yoga inspired stretches help increase flexibility and movement whilst also calming     and releasing physical tension.

These exercises also have a direct effect on the emotions and children will be given examples when they can use the stretches
to help themselves.


CREATIVE visualisations, mindfulness and meditations

Deep body relaxations, mindfulness meditations, guided imagery and visualisations help release physical and mental tension, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, increase emotional and body awareness and give children the tools to relieve stress and anxiety. Whilst at the same time expanding the child’s imagination and creativity.

Done regularly, these exercises can help promote deeper sleep and a more relaxed attitude to daily challenges.


SOOTHING peer massage

Self or clothed peer massage (on the back) Calming and relaxing, positive touch boosts the immune system, calms the nervous system, helps the production of oxytocin and endorphins, and lowers stress levels.


POSITIVE affirmations

Delivered through engaging games and group exercises, positive thinking and affirmations are powerful coping tools and help foster resilience.

Learning to view themselves and life in a positive way is a great tool for life and thinking and speaking positively releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel great, increase happiness and optimism.

 CALMING breathing exercises

Mindfulness based breathing exercises help to still and calm the mind. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system, balance the left and right side of the brain and aids in concentration and focus.



Children learn how to use the different breathing techniques to calm and self regulate.


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Relax Kids has been devised and developed by Marneta Viegas – the UK’s leading expert in children’s relaxation.  Relax Kids offers a unique system of children’s relaxation and personal development that has been used by thousands of parents, teachers, play workers and therapists around the world, to great effect.

Incorporating classes, books, cards and CDs, Relax Kids is a gentle and fun way of introducing children to the world of meditation and relaxation.

Your child’s place in the class is allocated on payment. Classes are booking fast. Click on the links above to find out the different dates and locations of Relax Kids classes and to book a place for your child.